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Each month between 6,000-10,000 health professionals gather together and watch the Functional Forum. Covering the most important clinical topics, practice development strategies, and the latest health technology. We’ve featured top speakers including Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Leo Galland, and more.

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Functional Forum Meetup

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from practitioners who practice the type of medicine that you do, is that you feel isolated from the rest of the medical community who don’t “get” the true value of what you offer. The purpose of the Functional Forum local meetup groups is to help you to develop a community of practitioners in your area who “get it”, to build your referral network, add value to your practice, your community, and the movement at large.

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Group Visit Series, Part 2: Mental Health and Medicaid

Welcome to the Evolution of Medicine podcast! This episode continues our series on group visits and the pioneers who are bringing this practice model to the masses. We sit down with Dr. Mikhail Kogan, integrative medicine leader at the George Washington Center in Washington, DC.

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A Big Bold Second Chapter

Welcome back to the Evolution of Medicine podcast! We are excited to reboot the podcast with none other than the godfather of functional medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland. In this inspiring 20 minutes, we talk about where we’ve been in the last five years and where we want to go in the next five.

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